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SMCSolver (STRUCTURED MARKOV CHAINS SOLVER) is a software tool written in Fortran 90 and C by Dario Bini, Beatrice Meini, Sergio Steffè, for solving some classes of Markov Chains frequently encountered in queuing models.

It includes several algorithms to solve (following the Kendall classification) M/G/1 and GI/M/1-type Markov chains, and quasi-birth-death (QBD) processes.

This software is part of a joint work, which includes a Matlab Toolbox written by Benny Van Houdt.

SMCSolver is written to run on Linux workstations with gtk+-2.0 and a Fortran Compiler.

The first version of SMCSover (1.1) and the Matlab Toolkit have been presented in 2006 at the workshop
SMCTOOLS: Tools for solving Structured Markov Chains organized within the
VALUETOOLS 2006 Conference held in Pisa, Italy - October 10, 2006 .

Here there are some photographs of the 2006 workshop.

Last version of SMCSolver with some added features is SMCSolver_2.1: it has been presented at the SMCTOOLS-2009 workshop (Pisa october 19, 2009).

Here there are some photographs of the 2009 workshop.

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Version 1.1 includes some pre-compiled BLAS, LAPACK, LAPACK95 libraries, and this accounts for the 17MBytes.
From Version 1.2 we did extract from BLAS, LAPACK, LAPACK95 the routines that are called by the program, and compile them automatically as needed.

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