In the project we planned the following collaborations partially started in the previous project 2002-2003:

         Calvetti and G. Saidel (Ohio),

         G. Golub (Stanford)

         A. Morassi (Udine)

         D. Noutsos and P. Vassalos (Ioannina)

         M. Pastorino (DIBE, Genova)

         M. Van Barel, S. Van Huffel (Leuven)

         G. Latouche (Bruxelles)

         N. Higham, F. Tisseur (Manchester)

         J. Winkler (Sheffield)

         V. Pan (New York)

         N. Rhee e K.Sorhaby (Kansas City)

         L. Rodman and I.M. Spitkovsky, H.J. Woerdeman (College of William and Mary)

         C. Brezinski (Lille)

         M. Tasche (Rostock, Germania)